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Michael Ligtenberg: Photography

Columnist Michael Ligtenberg is also a photographer, and has generously shared a new gallery with us at Bipolar Village. -Daniel

It was only about 15 months ago that I picked up the camera again. The reason…I wanted to provide my own pictures for the articles I have written for Bipolar Village. My fiancée, an artist, saw my work and encouraged me to do more. So I embarked on a project: post a new photo every day on Facebook for a year. I succeeded…I posted 365 photos in 365 days. I also gained a following that helped my self-esteem and kept me motivated to go on even during the rough times. Here are a dozen photos from that project.

2 Responses to Michael Ligtenberg: Photography

  • Michael ,
    I love your. work and how you give each picture A name
    That fits so well . Your eye to catch things in just the way is fabulous I love it thank you for finding your direction .

  • Hi John,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am flattered to know that people like you get some pleasure from looking at my photos.

    Take care,

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