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Contributing To Bipolar Village

Bipolar Village doesn’t take donations. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help out!

Write For Us as a Guest Blogger

Bipolar Village is always looking for people connected to bipolar disorder who are interested in writing. What we’re looking for is either personal experiences or tips from people with bipolar disorder or their families, or information from experts who would like to discuss some of their own work or research. Specifically, we welcome contributions from the following:

  • People with bipolar disorder.
  • Family and friends of people with bipolar disorder.
  • Authors and artists who discuss or depict bipolar disorder.
  • Mental Health Professionals.
  • Mental Health Organizations.
  • Researchers studying bipolar disorder.

Any posts will provide a link back to your website if applicable. If you think that you’d like to contribute with a guest post, please let me know at daniel.bader(at)!

Submit Your Artwork

Full submission guidelines for artwork are available on the Artwork page.

Spread the Word

Bipolar Village is a relatively new website, and the most important thing it needs is exposure to readers. We think there’s a lot of great material here, but if no one knows about it, they won’t be able to read it.

So, if you see something on the site that you really like, please feel free to share that material on social media! Buttons are included on the left of each page for your convenience.

Another way to share Bipolar Village is to link to something here from your own website. If you find something on this site that you think your readers will enjoy, or if you think your readers will like the site itself, please let them know!

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Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC
Daniel Bader, Ph.D., RSW, CCC is a Registered Social Worker and Canadian Certified Counsellor with a private practice operating out of Kitchener, Ontario. He provides in-person counselling in Kitchener and email, video or telephone counselling within Canada.

To find out more, please visit the website for his private practice, Bader Mediation & Counselling Services.