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How To Talk To Someone Who Has Bipolar Disorder

I may be a little controversial with this post, but bear with me. Part of the reason for stigma around bipolar disorder is that we can be a little different when symptomatic, and people aren’t quite sure how to talk with us during those periods. I know for myself, irritability, depression and especially effusiveness can create some socially awkward situations. As a result, we can be ignored or even disliked in some cases. Continue reading

Can a Bipolar Person Lead a Normal Life?

I know one of the most common questions when it comes to bipolar disorder is whether people with bipolar disorder can lead a normal life. The question, unfortunately, is one of those loaded ones. It really depends on what one means by “normal”. However, rather than simply throw up my hands and yell “Semantics!”, I thought I’d look at some of the different senses of “normal” and whether or not bipolar people can lead a normal life in those senses. Continue reading

Guest Post: Living With a Bipolar Husband

My wife, Kathy, has written this week’s blog post. Please enjoy. -Daniel

My husband has bipolar disorder. I knew this before I married him. However, I don’t think I really understood what that meant for his life until after we had lived together for some time, after our marriage. . I remember reading somewhere that in a marriage, you see both your partner’s weaknesses and strengths as if through a magnifying glass. You see them at their very worst, and their very best. Continue reading

Serenity: The Value of Emotional Detachment for Bipolar Disorder

My life with bipolar disorder has certainly become better in the last ten years or so. The first few times I was asked why that was, I didn’t really have a very good answer. However, in retrospect, I think what has really improved my ability to live with bipolar disorder is developing emotional detachment. By this, I don’t mean that I don’t feel emotions. I have a mood disorder, so I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to. What I mean is that, along the way, I stopped thinking of my emotions as real. Continue reading

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