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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hazel Butler: The Frying Pan Factor

Bipolar Today columnist Hazel Butler joins us again today from England to share her work with us. Hazel is an artist, blogger and archaeologist who runs the fascinating website Aädenian Ink.

Catastrophising is something at which I excel. I do it with everything: I can’t take the dog for a walk, because he will surely snap his collar…be hit by a bus…the sight will send me into such a rage I’ll slaughter the bus driver…the police will call in snipers to take me out before I do anymore damage. Continue reading

Amy Zing Gray: Pastels

Amy Zing Gray is an artist from Portland, Oregon. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder five years ago. She works in theater, and discovered pastels through art therapy sessions. Since that discovery, she has assumed the artwork as her own, drawing regularly. She has found artwork very helpful in expressing and dealing with her symptoms. She has her own Facebook page dedicated to her artwork, which can be found here. Continue reading

Taking Advice From My Cat: Bipolar Disorder and Self-Doubt

Because bipolar disorder is a mood disorder, it can have an important effect on our lives. Moods aren’t just things that are pleasant and painful. They shape both what we want and what we believe. This creates a problem for people with mood disorders. A mood disorder can make it difficult to know which of our desires and even beliefs we should trust. In this article, I will discuss this issue some of the tricks I have picked up for handling this self-doubt. Continue reading

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