Together at the Poles


Sarah: Paintings

My name is Sarah. I live in Kent, UK. I have two sons at home. I’ve struggled with depression for many years and had a lot of therapy. I only found out I had bipolar disorder by co-incidence some 8 years ago but never really knew or understood what that meant to me. I have used my art to help me express the various stages of my journey, the extreme changes mood can have from one day to the next, and how differently I have felt about myself, my beliefs and the world around me. Continue reading

Louise Ryan: Paintings

I am Louise Ryan and I am a 42 year old passionate artist. As an artist I have a love hate relationship with my bipolar. My illness can bring me such creative energy and vivid ideas. It can also drain my life-force and cloak me with melancholy. But the beauty and tragedy of the human condition is always at the core of my art. I rejoice in my elation and acknowledge the aesthetic of torment. “The secret of joy is the mastery of pain.” Anaïs Nin. Continue reading

Gloria Mikyska: Paintings

Gloria Mikyska is a regular contributor to our Facebook Page and has written a page about her experiences with bipolar disorder in her article, “How Bipolar Disorder Blessed Me”. She is also an artist, and has shared with us some of her paintings. Gloria has a lifetime of experience with bipolar disorder, having dealt with the condition for fifty years, and brings that experience to her artwork. Continue reading

Amy Zing Gray: Pastels

Amy Zing Gray is an artist from Portland, Oregon. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder five years ago. She works in theater, and discovered pastels through art therapy sessions. Since that discovery, she has assumed the artwork as her own, drawing regularly. She has found artwork very helpful in expressing and dealing with her symptoms. She has her own Facebook page dedicated to her artwork, which can be found here. Continue reading

Benjamin Graebner: Paintings

Benjamin Graebner grew up in Colorado and was a competitive swimmer and loved to snowboard the mountains. He is a 2010 graduate from Ave Maria University in history. While studying for his undergrad, Ben was, as yet, undiagnosed and not in touch with any medical assistance and it is a tribute to his strength and determination to have completed his degree considering how he was suffering. He is currently working towards his master’s degree at Palo Alto University for clinical psychology. Now twenty-three years old, Ben was diagnosed in January, 2011 as Bipolar 1. Continue reading

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